The Sanctions & Export Control Newsletter

Germany: Angela Merkel wants to review Germany’s position on arms exports to Africa United Arab Emirates: The Ministry of Defense has launched the Trade Control Office
United States: Apple agrees to a settlement following violations of the Kingpin sanctions regulations
United States: Arrow Electronics discloses breaches of United States Iran sanctions
United States: US telecom providers prohibited from receiving government funds for the purchase of Huawei or ZTE equipment
United States: Investigations in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia regarding potential re-export of US-origin military equipment in Yemen
United States: OFAC sanctions a Cuban company for attempting to evade sanctions on Cubametales
France: Signature of a memorandum of cooperation between the High Authority for transparency in public life and the anti-corruption Agency
Japan / South Korea: Toward a normalization of relations after trade tensions
European Union: Responsibility for EU sanctions goes to the Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA)

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