Cyber Security

Nowadays, digital technology is prevalent in companies, allowing the latter to extend the scope of their assets. However, these assets are hence more exposed to possible malicious breaches. Information and data have become sensitive. In order to face these new risks, ADIT has established “tailored” cyber security protection programs by integrating the best practices, ensuring a careful monitoring of technological developments and taking the specificities of various sectors into account.

Our extensive experience in investigation and business intelligence as well as the operational synergies between ADIT’s and GEOS’s staff are an undeniable asset to support firms in securing their strategic information. ADIT Group’s multidisciplinary approach also enables its teams to go beyond the simple technical issues of cyber security. ADIT believes in a comprehensive approach to security: cyber security, physical security and software security should all be on the same level.

  • Cyber risk assessment


    Cyber risk assessment

  • Penetration testing – red team


    Penetration testing – red team

  • Policy and procedure review


    Policy and procedure review

  • Third party cyber audits


    Third party cyber audits

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