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A wholly-owned subsidiary of ADIT, Entreprise & Diplomatie relies on the expertise and know-how of an agency which has become the leading European operator of strategic intelligence. It is backed by an internal team of more than 200 analysts and a network of experts and correspondents located on five continents. ADIT’s operational means of investigation abroad, combined with its strong internal analytical capacity, enable its clients, mostly major European and international groups, to access the information with high added value that is essential for taking the necessary measures for good strategic decisions. Entreprise & Diplomatie is the logical extension in the field of business diplomacy of ADIT’s business intelligence activities.

Entreprise & Diplomatie enjoys access to high-level decision makers and has intimate knowledge of the political-administrative ecosystems. It is also able to identify the key interlocutors on a file and if necessary to negotiate with them.

ADIT is a company in the competitive sector, but the State remains a preferred shareholder. Its subsidiary Entreprise & Diplomatie works in close partnership with the French diplomatic network. It contributes concretely to the exercise of “Economic Diplomacy” as well as the promotion of “French attractiveness” in terms of international investments.

Fight against illicit trade

The Illicit commerce of products – counterfeit or authentic – affects all industrial sectors and businesses do not necessarily have an internal procedure which allows them to determine the existence and the origin of the fraud or to detect in advance the sale of counterfeited products …

Soft Power

E&D is able to accompany its customers while adapting to every type of institutional environment (governmental institutions, multilateral institutions, large international tenders, non-governmental actors, etc …

Operational mediation

Entreprise & Diplomatie (E&D), a subsidiary of ADIT, offers operational mediation solutions for all types of international issues. E&D has the ability to negotiate …

Business to Government issues

Entreprise & Diplomatie (E&D), a subsidiary of ADIT, supports a large number of international clients by offering a tailor-made and operational service which can leverage the impact and effectiveness of a business strategy …

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