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Over the past decade, regulations on export controls, compliance with international embargoes and respect for human rights have become significantly stronger. The growing number of corporate sanctions attests to the need to comprehensively address compliance issues around the world.

At the crossroads of these skills in regards to business ethics and business intelligence, ADIT offers its clients operational monitoring of all legislative and extraterritorial developments, all decisions relating to international sanctions and an analysis of previous cases. This global vigilance proposed by ADIT applies to all geographical areas and materializes for example in operational tools for the screening and the verification of suppliers.

  • Business Ethics Report


    Business Ethics Report

  • Export control observatory


    Export control observatory

  • Sanctions Review


    Sanctions Review

  • Complying with new social and environmental norms


    Complying with new social and environmental norms

  • Human Rights Watch


    Human Rights Watch

  • Supply chain screening


    Supply chain screening

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