Business Secrecy

Business secrecy aims to strengthen the company’s competitiveness. This voluntary act ensures the protection of its strategy, knowledge and expertise. Business secrecy safeguards innovation and, in the long run, its resulting developments.

ADIT helps companies to keep their competitive advantage—margin rate for a distribution subcontractor, technical component of a manufactured product, business income, a new offer stemming from patents, public takeover bid project, etc.—by using an established methodology which allows to identify strategic information, design a security benchmark and implement protective means adapted to the issues. This is accomplished while expressly complying with the law.

ADIT supports its partners in the classification of sensitive information and the protection of a company’s intangible capital. ADIT also offers to moderate training/awareness sessions on the issues regarding the confidentiality of information.

  • Protection of Strategic Information


    Protection of Strategic Information

  • Data Safety


    Data Safety

  • R&D Protection


    R&D Protection

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