Anti-corruption audit & certification

The increasing demands of compliance and transparency are leading more and more groups and business sectors to estimate or measure the effectiveness of a program in terms of competitive and strategic issues.

To respond to this and since 2012, ADIT has been developing a repository of more than 200 checkpoints to issue a certification in line with the best international practices (ISO 37001) and incorporating the most recent recommendations of major anti-corruption authorities (American DoJ, British SFO, French AFA, etc.).

With its international competence and unparalleled experience, ADIT supports its clients when conducting compliance audits, either in the context of M&A transactions, to identify the shortcomings of a subsidiary or international entity, or to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a group on these issues.

Composed of investigative specialists and lawyers, ADIT’s compliance teams formulate recommendations and implement corrective actions. The certification, auditing and monitoring activities also call on a panel of experts who are internationally recognized in their field and sit on an advisory board.

  • M&A Compliance review


    M&A Compliance review

  • ISO 37001 and ISO 19600 Pre-Certification and Certification


    ISO 37001 and ISO 19600 Pre-Certification and Certification

  • Sapin 2 Law Diagnosis


    Sapin 2 Law Diagnosis

  • Monitorships



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