Strategic Intelligence

Reducing uncertainty, improving performance

ADIT is the French and European leader in Strategic Intelligence. Since its creation in 1992, ADIT has provided its expertise to this strategic activity that allows companies to better control their environment and make the necessary decisions in an increasingly complex and competitive international context.

To achieve this, ADIT Group provides high-value information from field investigations and economic intelligence tools.


The image of a business, its leadership, and the reputation of its products have a direct influence on the growth of its activity …

Fraud and counterfeiting

The globalization of capital flows is today a reality to which all sectors are subject. Funds can be transferred instantly around the world …

Key decision makers

The precise identification of the decision-making circuits is an essential step in the operational deployment of a strategy to conquer markets …

M&A intelligence unit

ADIT has retained the best experts to understand the environment of an M & A operation, assess the respectability of targets and decision-makers, map internal governance, and analyse what is called the « invisible” aspects of an external growth operation …

Sectoral Studies

The studies and analysis carried out by ADIT enable its clients to better control their environment …

Strategic review

The studies undertaken by ADIT allow its customers to better manage their strategic environment and their innovations …


The ADIT Group provides professional investigative expertise around the world to resolve any problem or crisis situation on the basis of an objective …

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