Business Security

Protecting interests, preserving secrets

In terms of security, the risks are shifting and interconnected. ADIT assists its clients with the help of a wide range of services which call upon well-honed skills in order to identify threats and control all kinds of risks both the company and its employees are subjected to.

ADIT regroups the best of private and public experience in these domains. Its experts take a proactive approach through, for example, risk mapping, technical audits and implementing prevention measures. They also get involved downstream in regards to security, whether it relates to cybersecurity, data protection, staff and site protection abroad, business secrecy, or, in a much broader sense, risk management.

Safety and protection in challenging areas

GEOS, with its experience and qualified experts, provides a comprehensive range of safety-security solutions which meets the highest legal requirements and built around two axes…

Business Secrecy

Business secrecy aims to strengthen the company’s competitiveness. This voluntary act ensures the protection of its strategy, knowledge and expertise. Business secrecy safeguards innovation and, in the long run, its resulting developments…

Cyber Security

Nowadays, digital technology is prevalent in companies, allowing the latter to extend the scope of their assets. However, these assets are hence more exposed to possible malicious breaches. Information and data have become sensitive. In order to face these new risks, ADIT has established “tailored” cybersecurity protection programs by integrating the best practices, ensuring a careful monitoring of technological developments and taking the specificities of various sectors…

Security Risk Management

ADIT cultivates a global approach of all security matters and, from now on, a comprehensive approach since GEOS joined ADIT Group…

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