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Implementing compliance, protecting business

For nearly 20 years, ADIT has been developing a specific expertise in the field of corruption prevention. Its aim is to secure the activity and international development of its clients, with regard to their business models and values.

ADIT now offers a set of operational compliance solutions in the broad sense of the term – anti-corruption, international sanctions and embargoes, duty of care, export control, data protection, etc. – aimed at minimizing risks related to third parties as well as the application of current laws, international regulations and best practices.

In order to achieve this, ADIT provides its customers with a team of legal and investigative experts able to identify a group’s strengths and weaknesses regarding compliance issues. ADIT’s teams have experience with business and economic war issues intrinsic to any compliance approach.

Business Ethics Watch

Over the past decade, regulations on export controls, compliance with international embargoes and respect for human rights have become significantly stronger. The growing number of corporate sanctions attests to the need to comprehensively address compliance issues around the world …

Anti-corruption audit & certification

The increasing demands of compliance and transparency are leading more and more groups and business sectors to estimate or measure the effectiveness of a program in terms of competitive and strategic issues.

To respond to this, ADIT has developed since 2012 a repository of more than 200 checkpoints to issue a certification in line with best international practices …

Compliance program policies

ADIT supports its clients in the design of compliance programs (anti-corruption, international sanctions, duty of care, data protection, etc.) and the definition of tailor-made procedures and control systems adapted to the specificities of each company …

Integrity due diligence

ADIT now has the largest European team of experts in the field of integrity due diligence. This process of securing third parties requires mastering both the processing of information from open sources and the exploitation of local human sources, regardless of the country of intervention and the sector of activity …

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