ADIT is the European leader in strategic intelligence

With over 25 years of experience based on commitment and trust with its customers, ADIT Group is the European leader in strategic intelligence. ADIT has at the heart of its mission the reduction of the inherent uncertainty that comes with any business growth strategy.


The investment fund Parquest Capital replaces Weinberg Capital Partners as ADIT’s controlling shareholder. Bpifrance remains a reference shareholder alongside Amundi Private Equity Fund (PEF). The State keeps its golden share.


ADIT Group is strengthening its position of European leader in strategic intelligence, risks management and business diplomacy by acquiring GEOS Group. The latter is the reference for the major French companies regarding the support and development of their activities in sensitive geographical areas.


Following the privatization in 2011 and Bpifrance’s involvement in the shareholding in 2015, the French State transfers its shares to Bpifrance. Thus, the latter becomes ADIT’s public main shareholder, holding 34% of the Group’s capital.

In 2018, the French State decides to retain a strategic stake in ADIT, enjoying a preference share that provides an approval right on ADIT next shareholders’ identity without any time limit.


ADIT establishes the French Business Center (Centre français des affaires) in Teheran (CFAT).


The investment fund Weinberg Capital Partners buys the shares held by Butler Capital Partners and, thus, holds 66% of ADIT’s capital. Moreover, BPI France acquires 24% of ADIT’s capital; the State still owns 10%.


It initiates the establishment of the European Strategic Intelligence Alliance, which regroups 10 European business intelligence firms. That very same year, it establishes a subsidiary, Entreprise & Diplomatie, specialized in business diplomacy, led by Ambassador Bruno Delaye.


ADIT acquires the majority of the company SALVEO’s shares in order to strengthen the international development support it provides its clients. In 2018, ADIT increased its capital holding in SALVEO from 55% to 80%.


The investment fund Butler Capital Partners acquires 66% of ADIT’s capital, alongside the State, which keeps 34% of the capital.


It establishes the French Business Centre (Centre français des affaires) in Bagdad in order to facilitate and secure the return of French companies in Iraq. That very same year, the Minister of the Economy, Industry and Employment decides to divest the majority, up to 66% of the capital, of the State’s participation.


ADIT is a pioneer in France by creating a team dedicated to e-reputation and e-influence within the business intelligence activity.


ADIT establishes an independent hub specifically in charge of business and strategic intelligence, intended for the major French companies. Pursuant to the decree of December 19, 2001, authorizing the privatization of ADIT, the agency becomes a public limited company in 2003 and entered the portfolio of the Agence des participations de l’Etat.


It serves as the executive secretariat of the Comité pour la compétitivité et la sécurité économique, established by the Prime Minister, and has been taking part in the implementation of the Plan d’action gouvernementale pour la société de l’information (PAGSI) since 1998.


Since its establishment in 1993, ADIT has been contributing to the implementation of a national business and strategic intelligence approach, has been gathering, compiling and disseminating information collected by the scientific attachés of the French embassies abroad, and has also been taking part in the development of business intelligence hubs in the French industrial fabric.


ADIT has developed its activity around 5 major areas of expertise:

Strategic Intelligence: encompassing anticipation, investigation and strategic advisory services.
Business Integrity and compliance: minimizing risks related to third parties as well as the application of applicable laws, international regulations and good practices.
Business security: protecting businesses and eliminating risks likely to compromise business growth, deteriorate the corporate image, tarnish the reputation of its management, and jeopardize the safety of its personnel or strategic assets (e.g. cyber security, data protection and business secrecy).
Business diplomacy: providing operational support in order to secure the safe international development of companies.
Territorial Intelligence & Operational Deployment: detecting the medium and long-term development opportunities (e.g., investment projects, key technologies, business opportunities), anticipating risks (e.g. competitive environment, market research, economic changes, due diligence, compliance, business ethics, etc.).

Characterized by our values of ethics, reliability and confidentiality, ADIT Group mobilizes more than 200 analysts as well as an international network of 1,000 experts and correspondents to provide its clients with high value added information. The 2023 gender equality index of ADIT SAS is 82/100.

A private company owned by supplementary shareholders, ADIT’s clients include some of the largest CAC 40 groups, European and non-European multinational firms, investment banks and investment funds, as well as small and medium-sized companies anxious to make the right decisions to ensure their success abroad.

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Case studies

March 21, 2019 - Case study

Certification - CAC 40 Group

The subsidiary of a Group specialized in aerospace and defense has asked ADIT to certify its anticorruption compliance program.
This certification evaluates the maturity level and effectiveness of the entity’s aforementioned program. The ADIT 2018 benchmark used within this framework is comprised of over 200 control points. All of them have been elaborated in order to comply with the legislative requirements, such as the Sapin II law, UKBA, FCPA, etc., and take into account some specificities issued from the jurisprudence and official guidelines. These control points are based on the five categories of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), as well as on the international best practices and standards and reference standards such as ISO 37001.
The certification procedure is divided into four steps. First, interviews with the key people in the compliance, sales, business, legal, etc., departments aim to understand the entity’s environment and to assess the effectiveness of the compliance program. Then, the document review enables to verify the relevance of the implemented measures in view of the requirements and risks specific to the entity. This step is followed by the analysis of the business partners’ files which enables to focus on the risk areas regarding the management of third parties. Finally, payments made to third parties are sampled and checked based on account extracts. The aim is to verify the accounting and justifications.
At the end of this audit, the entity can either be certified, certified under the condition it implements corrective measures or not certified at all. ADIT works with the entity to better its compliance procedure.

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