ADIT is the European leader in strategic intelligence and business diplomacy

The organization implemented since 2017 allows ADIT to be perfectly positioned in its role as a leader of strategic intelligence, compliance solutions and business diplomacy in Europe. This organization seeks to be responsive and efficient in meeting the needs of its customers all over the world and to seize the opportunities that will help with its future growth.

It is a dynamic, coordinated organization with experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds who share a common ambition, creating value for ADIT’s clients and securing their interests.

ADIT has more than 200 employees working for the Group’s five activities. Under the leadership of its CEO, Philippe CADUC, ADIT is based on small, tight and agile teams, who share the same values and have a great complementarity of skills and personalities in the service of customer support.


Philippe CADUC

Chief Executive Officer
  • At the helm of ADIT since 1994, he advises the executive management of the largest French and European groups. He played a key role alongside the French State in the development of economic intelligence in France. He has widely contributed to ADIT Group’s activity increase in France and internationally for over 25 years. He also directly worked for the gradual evolution of ADIT’s capital in order to enable it to grow and position itself as the European leader in its field.
  • Special adviser to the Secretariat-General for National Defense and Security, and to the Comité Interministériel du Renseignement between 1988 and 1992, he then was active in academia as a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre d'études des relations entre stratégies et technologies (CREST/Ecole Polytechnique) and Senior Fellow at Saint Antony’s College, Oxford.
  • He received a Degree in Law an Political Science in Paris (University Paris II-Assas) and in Oxford (Saint Antony’s College).

  • Part of the management team since 1994, he widely participated to its development since the very beginning. He notably developed the “Strategic Intelligence” division, which he manages. This branch represents, nowadays, a major part of ADIT Group’s activity.
  • He advises numerous industrial groups in regards to Strategic Intelligence through his various functions.
  • He holds a Diploma of Specialized Higher Studies (DESS) in Law from the Université de Paris Assas and a Master of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Political Science from the Paris-Sorbonne University. His studies notably led him to analyze the importance and role of information in the major international groups.

Emmanuel PITRON
  • ADIT’s Senior Vice President since 2016, he is notably in charge of the “Business Integrity & Compliance” division, and helps clients to secure their activity and international development.
  • After spending seven years in the service of the State (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prefectural corps, Ministry of the Interior and Inspectorate General of Finances), he joined the RATP Group where he successively held the positions of Managing Director of the CEO’s office and Secretary General of the Group. Prior to joining ADIT, he was the Vice President in charge of Strategy and Development at CMA-CGM.
  • He is a graduate of the IEP de Paris, an alumnus of ENA and holds an Executive Program from INSEAD.

  • ADIT’s Senior Vice President since 2016, he is in charge of some of the agency’s development projects, and serves big companies, medium-sized entities and investment funds, especially in regards to strategic intelligence, as part of procurement and international expansion projects. He is also in charge of ADIT’s finances.
  • He has over 15 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and investment. He started his career in M&A at the London office of Goldman Sachs before turning to Private Equity, first at Permira, then at Weinberg Capital Partners, where he became a partner. He has undertaken numerous investment and external growth operations in various sectors.
  • He graduated from HEC Paris.

  • Head of Entreprise & Diplomatie, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADIT, since it was established in 2014, he monitors all business diplomacy missions and offers clients 40 years of diplomatic experience.
  • Chargé d’affaires in Egypt, he then became the French Ambassador to Togo, Mexico, Greece, Spain and Brazil. He has also been Counsellor for Africa to the French President and General Director of the coopération internationale et du développement at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Senior Minister Plenipotentiary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he graduated from the IEP de Paris, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University Paris II and is an alumnus of the National School of Administration (ENA).

  • He joined ADIT in 2009 as Senior Vice President and specializes in “Risk Management”. It is within this framework, and at the initiative of the French Embassy, that he founded the French Business Centre (Centre français des affaires) in Bagdad in 2010. He is also regularly invited by institutions and companies—INHESJ, IHEDN, ENM, EOGN, MBAsp, etc.—in order to share his experience.
  • A university professor and researcher between 1968 and 1972, he later joined the Michelin Group where he gathered over 35 years of experience in communications, security and risk management. After holding technical and managerial positions, he then served as the Group’s Head of Communications between 1981 and 1996, and as Head of the Public Affairs division and Head of Security between 1996 and 2001. He founded and directed the “Environment and Risk Prevention” division in 2001, while still supervising the Strategic Intelligence department.
  • He is a chemical engineer, and holds a Ph.D.
  • He is an honorary member of the Club des Directeurs de Sécurité des Entreprises (CDSE).

  • ADIT’s Senior Vice President since 2015, he provides his expertise and experience to local authorities, as well as to SMEs and medium-sized businesses.
  • After working in the private sector as financial controller at Kimberley Clarck Company, he held several positions in the public sector. Indeed, he was Director of Information and Communications Systems at the Ministry of the Interior, then Regional Prefect (Prefect of the Vosges, Prefect of Indre et Loire, Prefect of the Haut-Rhin, Prefect of Seine-et-Marne, Prefect of the Champagne-Ardenne region). Prior to joining ADIT, he was Director of the Territorial Division at the Commissariat général à l’investissement (CGI).
  • He graduated from ESSEC Business School, is an alumnus of ENSPTT/ENA and holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence.

  • ADIT’s Secretary General, she joined the company at its very beginning in 1993.
  • Today, she holds a key position within the organization, notably in regards to the administrative, financial and human resources management of the company, and the implementation, logistics and monitoring of all its entities.
  • She started her professional career in the chemical sector at the Directorate-General of BASF France. After nine years at this industrial group, she turned to consultancy by joining the Agence régionale pour l’information scientifique et technologique d’Alsace.

  • At the helm of GEOS since 2014, he works alongside the management of major groups regarding the stakes involved in security and safety, notably in the highest risk and crisis areas.
  • An Army General, Didier Bolelli spent his entire career in the military and has held some of the highest operational responsibilities within the military: he has notably served as the DGSE Operations Director (2005-2008), Head of Defense Security and Protection (2008-2010) and Director of Military Intelligence (2010-2013).
  • He graduated from the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, the Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth (USA) and the Ecole Supérieure de Guerre et du Cours Supérieur Interarmées.

  • 26 years in the SALVEO Group. Founder in 1991 of the activity in Poland. International deployment specialist. OSCI director and adviser to leaders of international groups. Shareholder and Leader. French. English. European and International Business Management Paris.

Case studies

March 21, 2019 - Case study

Certification - CAC 40 Group

The subsidiary of a Group specialized in aerospace and defense has asked ADIT to certify its anticorruption compliance program.
This certification evaluates the maturity level and effectiveness of the entity’s aforementioned program. The ADIT 2018 benchmark used within this framework is comprised of over 200 control points. All of them have been elaborated in order to comply with the legislative requirements, such as the Sapin II law, UKBA, FCPA, etc., and take into account some specificities issued from the jurisprudence and official guidelines. These control points are based on the five categories of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), as well as on the international best practices and standards and reference standards such as ISO 37001.
The certification procedure is divided into four steps. First, interviews with the key people in the compliance, sales, business, legal, etc., departments aim to understand the entity’s environment and to assess the effectiveness of the compliance program. Then, the document review enables to verify the relevance of the implemented measures in view of the requirements and risks specific to the entity. This step is followed by the analysis of the business partners’ files which enables to focus on the risk areas regarding the management of third parties. Finally, payments made to third parties are sampled and checked based on account extracts. The aim is to verify the accounting and justifications.
At the end of this audit, the entity can either be certified, certified under the condition it implements corrective measures or not certified at all. ADIT works with the entity to better its compliance procedure.

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