The Sanctions & Export Control Newsletter

North Korea: Pyongyang seizes the UN over a cargo ship confiscated by the United States
United States:  A United States software company potentially breaches the US sanctions on Iran
United States: OFAC designates Mexican persons and entities under Kingpin and Magnitsky Acts
United States: Publication of a Presidential Determination regarding sanctions imposed on petroleum transactions with Iran
United States: New developments regarding the sanctions against Chinese company Huawei
United States: A Chinese surveillance firm possibly sanctioned by Trump administration
United States: Publication of the Blue Lantern audits results
United States: Rejection of the U.S. Congress motion against certain arm sales
United States: Restrictions on the export of goods subject to the EAR to Venezuela
United States: Revision of the EAR following the changes made to the Wassenaar list
France: A French court approves the extradition of an Iranian engineer to the United States
United Kingdom: Update of the guidelines regarding sanctions regimes
United Kingdom: The United Kingdom issues new licence for export of dual-use items to the European Union
United Kingdom: The United Kingdom may ban travel to designated areas in Syria
United Kingdom: The United Kingdom publishes cyber sanctions regulations
Russia: Three Russian entities under US non-proliferation measures
European Union: Extension of sanctions against the Syrian regime
European Union: Creation of a ‘blacklist’ to sanction those responsible for cyber-attacks

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