The Sanctions & Export Control newsletter

United States : Publication of an advance notice of proposed rulemaking on export controls on “foundational technologies
United States : FLIR is currently negociating a resolution with the US Department of Justice
United States : Curtis-Wright disclosed potential US sanctions violations in Russia
United States : US Secretary of State did not break the law by authorizing arm sale to Saudi Arabia
United States : New restrictions on Chinese applications
United States : New sanctions against Chinese companies for helping build military islands in the South China Sea
United States : Donald Trump plans to sell F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United States : Attempts to adopt international restrictive measures against Iran 
United States :
Clarification of Entity List requirements
France : Arrest of a French army lieutenant colonel accused of spying for Russia
United Kingdom : UK High Court says the Government can release information on funds frozen under Syria sanctions regulations to help satisfy a judgement
Russia : A draft bill to expand Russian counter-sanctions considered at the Parliament
Turkey : The European Union could impose new sanctions on Turkey
European Union : EU Council imposes first sanctions in response to cyber attacks
European Union : Two members of the European Parliament call for sanctions against China for human rights violations
European Union : EU Council states it will impose sanctions against Belarussian individuals

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