The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Saudi Arabia: Wave of arrests of people accused of corruption
Canada: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police opens an investigation into Bombardier
China: Former ICBC bank head sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption
China: China’s investments abroad linked to numerous allegations of human rights abuse
South Korea: Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae-Yong released from prison on August 13
United States: U.S. Court of Appeals decision could affect future FCPA prosecutions of foreign executives
Europe: European Investment Bank (EIB) Investigations Department publishes its 2020 Fraud Investigations Activity Report
France: Hearing of BNP Paribas by the financial division of the Paris court in the “ill-gotten gains” of the Bongo family case
France: JP Morgan Chase enters into a CJIP in connection with tax fraud prosecutions
France: The French Anti-Corruption Agency submits a draft guide on conflicts of interest in companies for public consultation
France: The growing interest of SBF 120 companies for sustainable governance
France: The AFA Enforcement Committee rules on the injunction issued to Imerys to implement a code of conduct
France: Castel Group will investigate potential links between one of its subsidiaries and armed groups in Central African Republic
Mexico: Results of referendum on whether to investigate and prosecute former presidents for alleged corruption
World: World Bank published the Global Suspension & Debarment Directory
Mozambique: Trial of the “hidden debt” opens
Norway: Complaint filed against Telenor Group after the sale of its Burmese subsidiary
United Kingdom: SFO charges five people with bribery and money laundering in connection with the construction industry

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