Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Algeria: Former finance minister sentenced for corruption
Myanmar: New sentence for Aung San Suu Kyi
Brazil: Companies accused of sourcing from Brazilian plantations accused of forced labor
South Korea: Pardon of former president Lee Myung-bak imprisoned for corruption
United States: Agreement between Honeywell and US authorities to settle suspected corruption in Algeria and Brazil
United States: Eight car manufacturers hit by Senate investigation into possible links to Uighur forced labor
France: Confirmation of the dismissal of a complaint for “misleading commercial practices” targeting the Auchan group
France: Release of the 2023 corporate governance code for listed companies incorporating new CSR criteria by the Afep and the Medef
France: Crédit Mutuel launches a “societal dividend” project
Maldives: Former president sentenced to 11 years in prison
Norway: Sovereign wealth fund excludes firms over human rights concerns
United Kingdom: Shell pays EUR 15 million in compensation to Nigerian farmers
United Kingdom: UK is temporarily halting its “green” taxonomy project
Switzerland: New ESG reporting and due diligence obligations applicable from 2023
European Union: European Parliament to lift immunity of two MEPs suspected of corruption amid Qatargate

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