The Sanctions & Export Control Newsletter

Germany/France: Germany to ease its export restrictions policy for French military equipment
Denmark: A company preliminarily charged with violating European sanctions against Syria
United States: OFAC imposes sanctions against two Iranian institutions
United States: US company agrees to pay a USD 13 million fine to settle export control violations
United States: New sanctions against Chinese companies accused of exporting Iranian oil
France: Updating of the list of countries not eligible for the exemptions relating to the export control of military equipment
United Kingdom: The United Kingdom calls for a new nuclear deal with Iran
United Kingdom: ‘Magnitsky’-like sanctions to be set-up by UK after Brexit
United Kingdom: Third breach of the Court order declaring unlawful the licences for the exportation of arms to Saudia Arabia
European Union: The Court dismisses the Venezuelan Government’s appeal against the sanctions imposed by the EU

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