The Russia / Ukraine newsletter

Japan: New sanctions imposed on Russia, Belarus and the Donetsk and Lugansk territories
Germany: Exports of dual-use goods from Germany to Russia under surveillance
United States: BIS identifies 100 aircraft that flew to Russia in violation of the EAR
Russia: 41% of consumers ready to boycott brands that maintain their activities in Russia
France: Freezing of assets and property worth EUR 856 million held in France by Russian oligarchs
Australia: Expansion of the lists of persons and goods subject to sanctions
France: Petition to Adeo Group to stop their activities in Russia
France: TotalEnergies decides to no longer enter into or renew contracts to purchase Russian oil and petroleum products
France: Greenpeace asks Orano and EDF to stop their activities in Russia
Russia: Nestlé Group denies making profits in Russia after Ukrainian government accusations

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