The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Burma: Total announces the suspension of cash distribution to the shareholders of the gas pipeline it operates in Burma
United States: Former CEO of Austrian Meinl Bank charged with bribery and money laundering in Odebrecht case
France: BNP Paribas indicted for corruption laundering in the case of the ill-gotten assets of the Bongo family
France: A French executive of Technip Energies is under investigation for corruption
France: Data Legal Drive publishes its annual barometer on the compliance of companies and public bodies with the RGPD
France: The government launches the extra-financial reporting platform Impact
France: Forty civil society organizations ask the UN to break its contracts with the Bolloré Group
France: PNF investigates potential favoritism for the maintenance of the French national app against Covid-19
France: Publication of the ACPR 2020 annual report
France: The Sapin 2 evaluation mission questioned on public lobbying campaigns
Netherlands: Dutch court orders Shell to reduce its CO2 emissions
United Kingdom: The SFO publishes its business plan for 2021/2022
United Kingdom: Opening of the Kazakh company ENRC’s case against the Serious Fraud Office and a London law firm
Sweden: Four former Ericsson employees charged with corruption

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