The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Brazil: Brazil’s Supreme Court confirms the annulment of Lula’s corruption convictions
Canada: SNC-Lavalin announces early lifting of all sanctions imposed by the World Bank
United States: Former CEO of Brazilian company Braskem pleads guilty to FCPA violation
United States: Securities and Exchange Commission awards 50 million dollars to two whistleblowers
France: Unions file a complaint for influence peddling against the Elysée’s Secretary General and the CEO of Veolia in connection with the agreement between Veolia and Suez
France: The National Assembly adopts several amendments assigning jurisdiction to specially designated judicial tribunals in “duty of care” cases
France: The CSR Platform publishes an opinion on the digital responsibility of companies among environmental and social issues
United Kingdom: The NGOs Global Witness and Transparency International publish a report on the prevention of corruption as part of mandatory due diligence in EU legislation
Thailand: Investigation into bribes paid by Toyota to settle a tax dispute

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