The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Burma: Total responds to the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Brazil:Samsung Heavy Industries agrees to pay a USD 149 million fine as part of a corruption case in Brazil
United States:SEC awards more than USD 9 million to a whistleblower for providing significant information about an ongoing fraud
United States: U.S. Department of Justice Fraud Section Annual Review 2020
France:Beginning of the drafting of the action plan for open government 2021-2023
France:Trial required against former Secretary of State Kader Arif for favoritism
France:The French Parliament votes for the restitution of ill-gotten property to foreign spoliated populations
France:Nike targeted by a compliant for complicity in forced labor by Uighurs in China
World:World Bank debars German oil and gas firm Ferrostaal
United Kingdom:Supreme Court decision allows local Nigerian communities to sue Shell for pollution
United Kingdom:A fourth conviction for corruption in Iraq’s post-occupation oil sector

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