The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

United States: Goldman Sachs CEO’s salary reduced following 1MDB corruption scandal
United States: A U.K. national charged with fraud and conspiracy to commit bribery linked to Iraqi reconstruction contracts
United States: Two lawsuits against former U.S. President Donald Trump dismissed by the Supreme Court
Europe: Major European banks say they want to stop financing oil trade in Amazonia
France: A2 consulting and the Responsible Investment Forum (FIR) have awarded the Best Vigilance prize to Schneider Electric
France: Launch of Datacros, a new European tool for fighting financial crime
World: Transparency International publishes its Corruption Perceptions Index 2020
Switzerland: Businessman Beny Steinmetz sentenced to prison for corruption
European Union: The draft legislative initiative to introduce a European Due Diligence Duty voted by the Legal Affairs Committee

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