The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

South Africa: ABB reaches USD 104 Million settlement agreement with Eskom as part of a coal-fired power plant in South Africa
Brazil: Brazilian prosecutors sue Maersk and file request to freeze USD 200 million assets
China: Huawei would be involved in a project to develop facial recognition to identify individuals from the Uyghur ethnic minority
United States: United Auto Workers reached a settlement with U.S. justice department to end multiyear corruption investigation
United States: U.S. Congress approves new anti-money laundering measure
United States: Securities and Exchange Commission Approves Extractive Sector Transparency Measure
France: Société Générale announces the termination of the public action in the Libyan case
France: The luxury group Kering targeted by a PNF investigation for “laundering of tax fraud
European Union: GRECO calls on Germany to adopt better provisions on conflicts of interest and lobbying
European Union: The main institutions of the European Union agree on a mandatory transparency register

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