The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Brazil:The Casino group has been asked to reformulate its vigilance plan in relation to deforestation in the Amazon region
Brazil: Volkswagen signs an agreement with the Brazilian Justice for the compensation of victims of the Brazilian dictatorship
United States: Sargeant Marine agreed to pay a USD 16 million fine to put an end to corruption charges in South America
United States: Former oil trading company executive accused of corruption and money laundering
United States: SEC votes to amend whistleblower-award rules
United States: Six people charged with corruption in connection with Amazon
France:The Paris Court of Appeal dismisses the annulment appeal of an arbitral award by Samwell International Holdings Ltd. in a case against Airbus
France: AFA publishes the results of a survey on anti-corruption measures in companies
France: BNP Paribas investigated for complicity in crimes against humanity in Sudan
United Kingdom: U.K. Home Office takes new series of measures to tackle modern slavery in supply chains
Switzerland: Prison sentences required against two football world leaders for unfair management

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