The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Spain : A Spanish court authorizes the extradition of a former executive of Pemex as part of the Odebrecht case
United States : The DOJ and the SEC have updated the FCPA Resource Guide
United States : Two sons of former Panamanian president charged with corruption
United States : The Swiss-based pharmaceutical group Novartis reaches a USD 729.25 million agreement to close its bribery trial in the United States
United States : Federal judge dismissed General Motors’ bribery lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler
France : The French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA) publishes its annual activity report
France : The French National Council of Lawyers and the Center of Research and Legal Studies publish their guide on internal investigations
France : Suez formal notice to modify its vigilance plan
Hong Kong : Chinese company TikTok to withdraw from Hong Kong
World : The biggest green-energy companies targeted as part of a Human Rights benchmark report
Portugal : Portuguese court suspends EDP chairman in corruption investigation
European Union : EU Ombudsman opens investigation into contract between European Commission and BlackRock

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