The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Germany: Germany plans to impose duty of care obligations on German companies
Germany: Ex-Audi chief charged with fraud in Dieselgate scandal
Argentina: A businessman targeted by an extradition procedure on behalf of Mexican authorities
Brazil: New developments on ongoing cases
Canada: Opposition Leader calls for investigation against Justin Trudeau for corruption
South Korea: Former President Park and Samsung’s heir to be tried again for corruption
Spain: BBVA bank charged with corruption
United States: A new bill aiming at prosecuting foreign officials seeking bribes from US companies
United States: New developments on ongoing cases
France: The President of the European Metropolitan Area of Lille indicted in the ‘Grand Stade‘ case
France: An order extends the scope of whistleblowing under the Sapin 2 Law
France: Beijing threatens to halt collaboration with French police over Interpol case
Hungary: New corruption investigation launched into local Microsoft subsidiary
India: Corruption investigation launched into Rolls-Royce and its Indian subsidiary
Romania: Oracle Romania’s CEO targeted by a corruption investigation
United Kingdom: New developments on ongoing cases
Russia: The European Court of Human Rights condemns Russia for the death of Sergei Magnitsky
Switzerland: French-Israeli billionaire indicted for bribery
European Union: The European Commission has published a report on combating corruption in the private sector

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