The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Canada: Canada could adopt legislation in 2023 to establish a duty of care to prevent forced labor in supply chains
China: Tencent fires several of its employees for fraud
China: Xi Jiping to launch a third wave of its anti-corruption campaign targeting the economic sphere
United States: Network leader convicted in college admissions case
United States: Update of DOJ’s policies on corporate voluntary self-disclosure
France: Publication of new guidelines for CJIPs
France: Release of the 2022 activity report of the Direction générale des Entreprises
United Kingdom: Court of Appeal rejects appeal against funding for a TotalEnergies project in Mozambique
Singapore: Six former Keppel Offshore & Marine executives avoid prosecutions for corruption
Sweden / United States: Ericsson makes USD 220 million provision for possible fines
Switzerland: Swiss companies are poorly prosecuted according to a Transparency report
Vietnam: Vietnamese President resigns after two corruption scandals

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