The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Canada: First reading of a bill on corporate responsibility linked to the adverse impacts on human rights occurring in relation to companies’ activities abroad
France: AFA launches a survey on corruption in the founding and associative world
France: The French Court of Cassation confirms the inadmissibility of the complaint of the NGOs Sherpa and ActionAid against Samsung for misleading commercial practices
France: Criminal complaint filed against NSO group by French-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri
France: Two new indictments in the context of a judicial investigation into Semivim
France: McDonald’s France responds to the order to comply with the law on duty of care
World: The World Economic Forum excludes Ericsson from its anti-corruption initiative
United Kingdom: BHP faces USD 6.6 billion lawsuit over 2015 Brazil dam failure
United Kingdom: JLT Group Holding Ltd receives a declination letter from the American Department of Justice

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