The Anticorruption & Ethics Newsletter

Algeria: Investigation of senior public officials for corruption
World Bank: World Bank debars Shenzhen-listed electrical engineering firm
Brazil: Re-examination of former President Lula’s release request postponed
United States: Accountant in U.S. college admissions scandal to plead guilty
France: The French Anti-Corruption Agency launches a global mapping project of anti-corruption authorities
France: Opening of the trial for corruption and rigged procurements at EDF
France: Publication of a booklet entitled “Supply Chain & Responsible Investment”
France: The prosecution general favors the cancellation of the accusation of “complicity in crimes against humanity” against Lafarge
Norway: The Parliament of Norway authorizes the Norwegian sovereign fund to carry on its strategy to divest fossil energies
Portugal: The Transdev group suspected of corruption in Portugal
United Kingdom: The Prime Minister announced a future reform of the Modern Slavery Act
Switzerland: The company Sicpa targeted by an investigation for corruption

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